We offer rentals circus tents of various types and sizes. Tents with a diameter of 38 m and 34 m, further tents suitable for catering. Other tents with a diameter of 20x10 m 16x8 m 24x8 m. Tents with a position anywhere according to your wishes. Tents for various purposes for example. Discos, fashion shows, social events and others. Possibility to rent tents and with heating. We also offer various accessories eg. Trailers, lighting, music, etc. In addition, we provide a committed animal trainers variety of artistic performances, but also complete performances by artists and animals. We also offer the most advanced Italian grandstand with a capacity for 300,650, up to 1,000 spectators. We also cooperate with film production. We arrange transport and assembly.


Berousek Originál Cirkus Sultán
193 00 Praha 9 - Horní Počernice, ČR
Tel.: 602 331 731, 602 814 342