History Berousek name has been 250 years of tradition. It is one of the oldest and most successful circus families. The most famous name Berousek Ferdinand Berousek movie Six bears with onions and then his son Charles Berousek, who traveled with his bears almost the whole world. United States of America, where he performed in the biggest park in the world at Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. Furthermore reaped successes in Japan, Spain, Portugal, Asia, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Yugoslavia and in other countries, of course not miss the Czech Republic. Today, the name Berousek famed Charles and Erik Berousek, 7th generation Berousek.


International successes

Year 1976 in Spain Madrid gold medal for outstanding work with bears.

Year 1978 from the former Soviet Union, 1st place for the best dressage bears.

1981 top honors in Japan in Tokyo by President Okahavi 1st place for a great show bears.

1982 a great success - 2 x television in the German Bundes Kesl.

1983 Charles Berousek sat in committee tool evaluating Artist.

1984 Czech Slovak circuses and cook Karel Berousek for his performance won the biggest salary, which must be approved by the Finance Ministry.

1986 a huge success then Berousek recorded in America, where they were the only Czech artists invited to perform at the biggest Disneyland in the world in Orlando, Florida.

1988 Spain golden diploma for the best show that there ever was a circus Hermanos Tonet, circus Atlas.

1990 Charles Berousek silver medal at the Youth Festival in Paris

2013 Prague Erik Berousek was awarded VIP jury plus a diploma at the International Festival of Circus Circus.

Furthermore, we have performed in many films and fairy tales, eg., Six bears with onions, Princess Julinka, rainbow bead shop, dogs, my two circus Humberto, magical heritage Mona Lisa, etc. In addition, we performed in many commercials, clips and competitions ..

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