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Berousek original circus Sultan

The circus belongs to the Czech lands as such. Czech glass, beer or jewelery. Circus as we know today originated around the middle of the last century. Tumblers, bear and jugglers, which for centuries toured castles on their own, they began performing together under one canvas roof. Primal tents for hunderd spectators were being enlarged and modernized to today's extent, which can accommodate over a thousand people.

One of the most famous Czech circus clans is family Berousek whose most famous representative was Ferdinand Berousek. Together with his sons filmed movie Six bears and Cibulka where the main roles played Berousek bears. Charles and Erik Berousek, owners of one of the largest and most famous Czech Berousek original circus circus Sultan, the representative of the seventh generation Berousek. Circus arts learned from his father Charles Berousek Today show off art at the highest level. Animal training that this family famous are practiced with tolerance, understanding and love for animals that feed exclusively motivated and taught only what they like and what it does not have to force them.

Family Berousek treats more than 80 pieces of exotic animals such. Bactrian camels, llamas, alpacas, parrots ara, Shetland frýzké horses, spotted donkeys, ducks Chinese, rhesus monkeys, crocodiles, alligators, Bengal and Siberian tigers and a rare white tiger. As the only boasts its own breeding of tigers, camels, monkeys, donkeys. We are trying to attract not only young children but also their parents and grandparents, so the program will see performances both animals and circus performances in the new modern style. Finally, it is up to you viewers to assess the quality of our program.

We wish you a pleasant and undisturbed fun under the big top circus Berousek original sultan.